Congregational Committees

This group provides support to church staff, committees, and ministries to develop, implement, and maintain a dynamic communications system that supports the overall church mission. The group is responsible for church signs, the radio ministry, the church website, and placing ads in neighborhood newspapers.

We’re called as followers of Christ to share His message of hope and love, leading others to a life-changing personal relationship with Him. Christ calls us to share his promise of eternal love in and outside the church, so that other can do the same. The Evangelism committee holds several events throughout the year to connect with those in the neighborhood and community.

Do you enjoy tinkering with numbers? The finance committee annually compiles a budget for supporting the mission and vision of the church and submits the budget to the church council for review and adoption. During the year, the finance team recommends any changes to the approved annual budget and reviews monthly financial statements.

Kairos Vision Leadership Team
Christ Lutheran Church has contracted with Kairos & Associates to take the guesswork out of future plans and decisions. This committee is in the process of moving forward with “Challenging Everyone to an adventurous life with Christ” and what the future holds.

Nominating Committee of Church Council
It can be said that the Nominating Committee is the most important committee in the church. This is because the committee, by means of deciding who is nominated, strongly affects the direction and energy of the church. Membership should represent the diversity of the congregation. This committee brings the nominations to the congregation for the positions of Church Council.

Property Committee
The Property Committee is charged with managing the building, grounds, and the physical assets of the church’s property. Many generous and dedicated members willingly working hard to keep the church facilities in good repair and appearance. It is important that the building is in good condition so that church members and friends are able to worship, attend Sunday School classes, adult education, and activities.

Social Concerns
The Social Concerns committee’s primary duty is to increase the congregation’s awareness of needs of our church members. The committee organizes the support of social service agencies- CLC Food Pantry Volunteers, and other service projects within our congregation – Restore Elikia, Sole Hope, and others. Let us know if you would like to help!

Stewardship is recognizing that all we have is a gift from God, all we have belongs to God, and all we have is to be used to serve God and enjoy God. The purpose of the church’s Stewardship Committee and the focus of its programs are to call people into personal growth as people with the capacity to give, serve, and care generously.

Youth & Family
The Youth Committee develops, organizes, and supervises all the you activities (K-12th grade) of the congregation, with the exception of Sunday School, VBS, and the Children’s Center. This committee encourages youth to participate in the total life and work of the congregation.

Worship & Music
The duty of the Worship and Music Committee is to assist the Director of Worship and Music, and the Pastors in providing a high quality worship experience, while involving many members of the congregation as possible according to their gifts. The committee assists in planning regular and special worship services.