Christ Lutheran Children’s Center

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Christ Lutheran Children’s Center strives to focus on the whole child rather than one developmental area; seven “selves” are fostered:

The creative self covers the areas of self-expression through the use of art materials and music and creativity as expressed in play and applied in thought.

The physical self includes not only large and fine muscle development, but also handling routines, since such things as eating, resting, and toileting contribute to physical comfort and well-being.

The emotional self considers ways to increase and sustain mental health, to use Conscious Discipline to foster self-control, to cope with aggression and to foster a positive self-image.

The social self entails ways to build social concern and awareness, learning to enjoy work and learning to value the cultures and differing abilities of other people.

The cognitive self (intellectual) is considered in terms of language and the development of specific learning abilities such as basic skills and concepts.

The spiritual self discovers that he or she is loved by God and increases awareness of God’s world and his or her place in it.

The language self includes basic language acquisition that aligns with our program philosophy and considers both family and community perspectives.

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